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Who We Are

At Ikodomia, we love what we do and this is the secret of our success!

Ikodomia was founded in 1994, by young, ambitious entrepreneurs, who had passion for revolutionary, pioneering building techniques, which combined with their perfectionism, and love of quality, gave a remarkable result. Due to this unbeatable combination, Ikodomia grew rapidly and was soon established as one of the leading building companies in Cyprus. The passion for creativity and the love for what we offer at Ikodomia clearly reflect on our team’s high spirits. We are constantly upgrading our standards of service in order to achieve excellence at all levels.

Our company invests in people and employs as well as cooperates with highly regarded professionals. Our invaluable experience and our understanding on the whole spectrum of the building process is brought on the table and we take the challenge. The results speak by themselves. It is no coincidence that Ikodomia has a great advantage when compared to other construction companies. We always like to maintain a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and therefore build on a relationship based on trust and respect.